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About Us:

A Spoon Fulla Sugar is a family owned and operated bakery which has quickly grown since its start in 2008 to become known as one of the top wedding cake vendors in the Greater Cincinnati area.  Jennifer began the bakery out of her very own kitchen.  Before long, the demand for her pastries became too great to serve out of her home.  So with the help of Jamie and Ryan, the three set out to open the bakery.


Jennifer graduated from Scarlett Oaks and obtained her Pastry Arts degree from Sullivan University in Louisville, KY.


Jamie, Jennifer’s sister, brings ten years of bakery experience.   Since opening, Jamie has cut back her hours to be with family.  She is currently working part-time with cake tastings and helping with the front end tasks.  Ryan has moved on to pursue other passions.




In 2009, Jennifer’s younger brother, Alex, began working at the bakery, shortly after graduating college with a degree in finance.  His stint was originally temporary, but he developed such a knack for the fine details it took to create the one of a kind custom cakes.

In 2017, Jennifer has cut back her hours to start a family. Alex and his wife Molly are now the new owners of A Spoon Fulla Sugar.

To keep up with demand, more help had to be hired.  We have culinary graduate, Samantha, and Art Institute graduate Sam, who's been in the bakery industry since 2010. Together, this team creates some amazing works of art that are delicious as well.


If you call or stop in you will more than likely meet our office staff.  Molly handles the day to day business, coordinates wedding shows, meets with couples for cake tastings, etc.  She is assisted by Samantha, Jamie and Sam who help in the office, with cake tastings, wedding shows and various tasks.


Our Focus:

Our main focus is on weddings...Custom wedding cakes, cupcake weddings, groom's cakes, edible wedding favors, wedding shower cakes, engagement cakes and more. Please visit our Wedding Page for more information.

We also offer custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other delicious desserts. See our "Party Cakes" and "Fine Pastries and Cookies" to see what is available. We are available for corporate events, Bar and Bat Mitzvah's, large anniversary celebrations, retirement parties, baby showers, etc.


All orders are custom made, so we do require at least a 10 day notice on all orders. Please send us an email or give us a call at 513-683-0444 for more information.


At A Spoon Fulla Sugar, we strive to create the highest quality products possible and believe your cake should not only look good enough to eat, it should actually be good enough to eat! 

A Spoon Fulla Sugar

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