A variety of stands are available for rent.


Cake Stands


                                       Round                                          Square

                                     Silver 22" (2)                                Silver 22" (2)

                                     Silver 18" (2)                                Silver 18" (2)

                                     Silver 16" (2)                                Gold 14"

                                     Silver 12"                             

                                     Gold 22"

                                     Gold 18" (2)

                                     Gold 16"

Round Cupcake Stands available. One is white and one is clear. 

A $100 Deposit Check is required for all stand rentals. This check isn't cashed, but held until the stand is returned. At this time we give you back the check, or tear it up. There is also a $50 Rental Fee.

*Stands MUST be returned by the Wednesday following the wedding for a full refund of your deposit check. The stand is needed by the requested date so we have it for the following weekend's couples. If the stand is not returned by the requested date, your check may be cashed. Ask us for further details.

 There are only a limited number of stands, so it is best to get your deposit check in ASAP to ensure the stand is reserved for your wedding date.

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