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A Spoon Fulla Sugar is a family owned and operated bakery which has quickly grown since its start in 2008 to become known as one of the top wedding cake vendors in the Greater Cincinnati area. The shop began with Jennifer in her very own kitchen. Before long, the demand for her pastries and desserts became too great to serve out of her home.


So with the help of sister Jamie and many others, the bakery grew.

In 2017, Jennifer passed on the bakery to her brother Alex and his wife Molly. Since then, we have many incredibly talented decorators and wonderful office staff. Together, this team creates some amazing pieces of art that are just as delicious as they are spectacular!

Our Focus

Our main focus is on weddings... elegant custom wedding cakes, delectable cupcakes, groom's cakes, edible wedding favors, shower cakes, engagement cookies and more. Please visit our Wedding page for more information.

At A Spoon Fulla Sugar, we strive to create the highest quality products possible and believe your order should not only look good enough to eat, it should actually be good enough to eat!

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