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  • How far in advance do I need to order my wedding cake?
    We encourage you to start the process 10-12 months in advance to ensure we have availability. Certain months can book up faster, therefore the earlier the better! To save your date, you will need to have completed an inquiry form and have paid the $50 deposit*. *Deposit price may be variable to change
  • Do you have gluten free, dairy-free, vegan, nut-free options?"
    Yes and no. We do have Gluten Free options available for some of our cake flavors, all of our fillings except Oreo Mousse, and all of our icings. Please see any of the Flavor pages to see the specific GF flavors. Most of our cakes and fillings do not contain nuts, however we do have a few options which do. Therefore making us not a nut-free kitchen and cannot guarantee there will be no cross contamination. We will however, try our best and have not had issues in the past. We do not currently carry vegan or dairy-free options at this time. We are sorry for the inconvienence. We are happy to recommend other bakeries that do have these as options.
  • How do I order a Tasting Box?
    We are not currently doing any walk-in or appointment tastings but have created a Take Home Tasting Box we will has worked successfully for the past year! Go to Wedding Home Page and scroll to the bottom to order your Tasting Box. Please complete the form, pay, and mark your calendar for a Friday or Saturday you designed to pick up. Tasting Boxes do have limited availability each week and must be ordered by the no later than the Wednesday prior to pick-up if there is still availability. Friday 10am-4pm or Saturdya 10am-2pm Pick-up ONLY
  • Can I set an appointment to come in and discuss details?
    We are unfortunately not doing any in-person appointments or walk-ins at this time to ensure equal communication to all brides and grooms, as well as to keep our staff healthy and functioning at full capcaity.
  • Do you deliver? What does that process look like?
    Yes! Delivery starts at $100 for Saturday deliveries. Any week day, Sunday, or holiday delivery will be an additional cost. Any reception that is considered a "Flip" or requires us to drop off wedding items within a very small window will also be an additional cost that will be defined once we understand the details. Once we acquire all information from you, we will be in communication with the event venue to plan delivery time and details. We require the event space to be prepared for our arrival with table, linens, flowers, toppers, etc in place. Upon arrival we will locate designated area or areas and provide any finishing details and/or decorations. An information sheet with flavors listed and rentals (if any) identified will be left as well as additional boxes for any leftovers.* *If you require more boxes or plan to save top-tier, please ask for more.
  • Do you make everything for the cake?
    We do have a large scale of materials available here at the shop, however even we have limitations. If we do not carry the item or materials to create item, you as the customer may need to provide it. We often encourage customers to provide toppers and toys to save on cost, due to us having to handmake many of the toppers or figurines. Some examples below are things customers have needed to provide for their cakes. Examples: macarons, balloons, paper cupcake toppers, toys/figurines, fresh flowers, donuts In your inquiry process, please ask availability if your images or design specification requires something like the examples provided above.
  • When are full payment and finalization of details due?
    Full payment and fianlziation of details are due 30 days in advance to wedding date. Please see Wedding Home page to see our ordering timeline.
  • Do you offer other desserts for a wedding besides cake?
    Yes! We offer many options when it comes to something sweet for your special day. Please see the Wedding Dessert Bar page. We also offer back-up/kitchen cakes. Back-Up cakes are cakes that are only cut and served and are not on display at the reception. Back-Up cakes can feed as many as you need.
  • How many flavors/fillings can I have in my wedding cake?
    Each of our regular sized tiers are two layers of cake with a filling in between the layers. For single-tier or bottom tier of multi-tier cake, we offer up to two flavors of cake with an additional cost. Each tier is alloted 1-2 fillings per cake flavor.
  • Do I need a cake stand? Can I rent one?
    No. You do not need a cake stand because each cake is placed on either a silver, or gold cake board which easily suffice for your cake table. In the case that you prefer a cake stand, we do have stands available of all sizes for rent. Cake stand rentals do require a deposit and fee.
  • How do I gauge how many servings I need?
    The first step is gauging how many guests you will have attending your wedding and if you want to have cake left over. We typically suggest getting 20-30 servings more than the number of guests attending due to the fact that people often want seconds of our cake. So, if you are expecting a wedding for 130-140 people, we recommend purchasing a cake or dessert items to serve 150-160 people.
  • How many flavors/fillings can I have in my cake?
    Single tier cakes can be up to two flavors, split 1/2 and 1/2 (not each layer as a different flavor) with a filling in between layers. Multi-tier cakes can only be one flavor per tier with a filling in between layers. If you prefer to have two flavors of cake for your single tier cake, there is an additional cost.
  • Can I send in a photo of how I'd like my wedding cake to be decorated?
    Yes! When you complete a Wedding Inquiry Form you will see a location to attach up to 5 photos. Please include in the design details what elemtents of each image you like so we know what to look for in the cake designs. If you do not have images at the time of completing the Inquiry Form, no problem! We will be in contact with you throughout the process and you are welcome to shoot us an email of images among the correspondence.
  • How much will my wedding cake cost? How much do designs add to the cost?
    On our Wedding Flavors/Pricing page you will see our base starting price for each size of cake. These base prices include a simple design. Please see pricing page for more details. Designs for cakes vary and the time put in to those designs vary as well which doesn't allow us to create a general pricing list. Once we understand what you are looking for, we will give you more specific pricing.
  • How much will my wedding cake cost?
    On our Wedding Flavors/Pricing page you wil see our base starting price for each size of cake. Starting for single tier design of $50 to 4+ tier of $675. These base prices start with a simple desing. Please see that page for more details.
  • How much do designs cost for wedding cakes?
    Designs for cakes vary and the time put in to those designs vary as well which doesn't allow us to create a general pricing list. Once we understand what you are looking for with the design, we will give you more specific pricing.
  • Do you do offer separated tiers or fake cakes?
    We do not currently offer separated tiered or fake cakes. We believe they cost way time than they are worth and feel its best for our customers to not provid these.
  • What happens if I need to change a detail or cancel order?
    Changes can only be made 30 days prior to wedding date. If it is a change to location or delivery details, please contact us via email or phone. Cancelling an order can be made up until a week prior to pick-up or delivery with a possible full refund.
  • How do I begin the Wedding Cake Process?
    Great question! Call to order a tasting box with us. It is $10 and includes all of our cake flavors and filling flavors. Pick-up for those are Friday and Saturdays only. We do have a limited amount available and they must be ordered by the Wednesday before. Once you've grabbed a tasting box and have tried the greatest cake ever (we believe). You will call to book us and pay a $100 deposit. We will then start an official Wedding Order form (and party!!). From there, we will be in communication as your special day comes. Our incredible staff will guide you along the way.
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